If you don’t have emergency funds to handle surprise expenses, you might need cash fast. So, when a financial emergency or surprise expense come to light, a personal loan might be your only solution.

Personal loans are typically unsecured at a fixed rate, for a fixed period of time. However, different providers can have different variations of this.

With personal loans also becoming a more popular option for consumers looking to purchase a car, renovate their home and cover unexpected costs, non-tradition lenders have begun to approve application on the same day you apply, making personal loans easily accessible for emergencies.

At IN2Mortgages, we work with over 60 lenders including major banks and non-bank lenders to provide our customers with the most competitive personal loans on offer.

Personal loans can be used for:

  • Cash flow emergencies;
  • Credit card debt;
  • Home renovations;
  • Purchasing a car; or,
  • Wedding expenses.

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