Are you thinking of buying a commercial property? Perhaps you are wanting to purchase an industrial investment property or considering an apartment building?

Commercial property may not be as popular an investment option as residential, however it does have some unique selling points that could help balance your portfolio.

Although the commercial market has seen less growth than residential in recent years, it has also avoided a market correction. So, it could be viewed as far more sustainable in terms of long-term growth.

While residential investors enjoy higher capital growth, commercial property tends to deliver higher rental returns. Whatever your plan may be, managing risk is a critical part of prudent wealth building.

At IN2Mortgages, we make the steps into commercial property investment less daunting, by guiding you through the commercial loan process and connecting you with commercial agents to work out what property and loan is the right move for you.

With over 60 lenders on our panel, our team are also able to secure loans from major banks, non-bank lenders and private funders.

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