Businesses need to access capital at various states of their growth, for many different reasons. But the prospect of taking out a business loan can be a daunting task for some businesses – especially if you’re being asked to mortgage your home to access finance.

Before heading straight to a traditional bank, alternative lenders are backing small business by considering the health of a company to determine creditworthiness, rather than pure asset-backed finance.

Whether you’re a business looking to purchase new equipment or machinery, investing in a new premise, or require extra funds to cover tax debt or support cash flow, our team can help you.

At IN2Mortgages, we work with over 60 lenders, including alternative lenders and private funders. Unlike the traditional banks, the alternative lenders we work with are focusing on speed, flexibility and personal service, with a deep understanding of the way businesses operate, and are committed on creating the right opportunities to enable business owners to grow their business.

Types of Business Loans Include

  • Commercial Hire Purchase;
  • Finance Lease;
  • Motor and Asset Finance;
  • Unsecured Business Loans; or,
  • Trade and Debtor Finance

If your financial goals mean you need to invest in your business, consider a business loan to get you on track. Our lending specialists can help you through the entire loan process.

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